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“Reshaping Plastics”: New report with pathways to a greenhouse gas-neutral plastics industry

The report commissioned by Plastics Europe from the think tank SYSTEMIQ is a groundbreaking document for our plastics industry and was presented to the public on April 4, 2022. The aim of the report, commissioned by European plastic producers, is to find solutions to the climate crisis, resource consumption, and the littering of plastic products. The report evaluates initial progress and solution approaches, analyzing various levers that can aid the transition to a CO2-neutral, circular economy by 2050.

Plastics Europe proposes a package of measures based on the report’s findings to implement the recommendations outlined. To achieve this, experts from all key scientific, political, and social sectors should come together in a multi-stakeholder platform. Additionally, a sustainability roadmap will be developed, documenting all progress towards a climate-neutral industry. The Austrian Carbon Cycle Circle (ÖCC2) – Team for Sustainable Carbon Cycle welcomes the holistic approach behind “Reshaping Plastics”. Since its inception, ÖCC2 has been promoting and supporting collaboration within the plastics industry along the entire value chain to advance the closure of comprehensive, closed material cycles for a climate-friendly economic system. Further information on “Reshaping Plastics” and future measures can be found on the Plastics Europe website. Download Press Release Download Report (EN) Download Executive Summary (DE)