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Event documentation from April 25, 2022: Paths to the plastics cycle – circular economy and sustainable raw materials for durable plastic applications

Press Contact: Thomas Timmel, Email:, Tel.: +43 664 126 98 95

Circular economy and bioeconomy are central approaches for the transformation to a sustainable economic system. Moving away from fossil resources (bioeconomy) and a more efficient use of natural resources (circular economy) are necessary steps that have already been initiated in some areas, but such a comprehensive transformation will still take time. Plastics are an important group of materials with many positive properties, but they are also seen controversially. Due to their flexible material properties, they can be used in many application areas, such as in construction or transportation, for example as lightweight or insulation materials, offering benefits for functionality and climate protection. However, their value chain is also characterized by various problems, such as the predominantly fossil raw material base or their distribution and accumulation in the environment when not properly disposed of.

In the event, the diverse application possibilities of durable plastic products and the reasons for their use in an environmentally friendly, circular-oriented economic system were highlighted. For individual application areas of durable plastic products, the different principles of the circular economy strategy as well as possible sustainable raw material sources were presented, discussed, and the most promising options for these areas were derived.

Find the full report at the following link directly on the website of BioBASE – Innovation Platform for Bioeconomy & Circular Economy